Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Dam accused of violating intellectual property rights and violation of open-source agreement

June 15 morning news, Internet filtering software, "Green Dam - Youth Escort" (the green bar) fame has caused the international community. University of Michigan professor, said Green, a dam violation of the open source protocol, another U.S. company called Solid Oak Green company said dam violation of its intellectual property rights.

Green Dam development company, Taisho Beijing Language Technology a company official said that they currently can not comment regarding the Green Dam.

Accused of violating open source licenses Green Dam

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銆??鎹浗澶栧獟浣撴姤閬擄紝缇庡浗涓?鍚嶄负Solid Oak鐨勫叕鍙歌鍒掕捣璇夌豢鍧濅镜鐘叾鐭ヨ瘑浜ф潈銆係olid Oak鍏徃鍒涘姙浜築rian Milburn琛ㄧず锛岀豢鍧濈殑閮ㄥ垎浠g爜鏄粠浠栦滑鎷ユ湁鐭ヨ瘑浜ф潈鐨勫晢涓氳蒋浠朵腑绐冨彇锛屼粬璁″垝鍚戠編鍥藉綋鍦扮殑娉曞涵鐢宠绂佷护锛岄樆姝腑鍥藉紑鍙戝晢鍑哄敭缁垮潩杞欢銆備笉杩囦粬鍧︽壙锛屾浜嬫垚鍔熺殑闅惧害寰堝ぇ锛屽洜涓烘秹鍙婂埌绠¤緰鏉冪殑闂锛孲olid oak鍏徃闇?鍒颁腑鍥姐?鎸夌収涓浗鐨勬硶寰嬭繘琛岃捣璇夈?鎹簡瑙o紝Solid oak鍏徃鏄竴涓笉鍒?0浜虹殑灏忓叕鍙搞?

銆??涓婅堪缇庡浗瀵嗘瓏鏍瑰ぇ瀛︾殑Halderman鏁欐巿鍦ㄥ叾鎶ュ憡涓寚鍑猴紝缁垮潩鐨勭綉绔欓粦鍚嶅崟妗f鏄潵鑷猄olid Oak鍏徃鐨凜yberSitter绋嬪簭銆傛姤鍛婅繕鎸囧嚭锛屾洿涓哄阀鍚堢殑鏄紝缁垮潩鐨勭▼搴忚繕鈥滄剰澶栤?鐨勫惈鏈塁yberSitter绋嬪簭2004骞村彂甯冪殑涓?唤鏂伴椈绠?姤銆?br />
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Louder! Voice control with my objectives

Very often, we encounter the downloaded MP3, movies and other video files play up the sound very small, and some can not hear what almost to the point. The reason for this problem, in addition to audio and video files produced by the problem itself, but also may be our problem setting, Here are just a few ways to increase the volume.

鈼?allow audio and video files play sound Louder

1. Double-click the system tray area of the "little horn" or run "Sndvol32" command to open the "Volume Control" component, the "volume control" and "wave" were dragging the scroll bar to the top, the "3D Depth" and "SPDIF" are set to "mute", click "Advanced" button in the pop-up window check the "1 Loudness".

2. In the Control Panel's "Sounds and Audio Devices 鈫?volume 鈫?Speaker Settings" column click the "Advanced" in the "Speaker Settings" drop-down list, select the appropriate speaker.

3. For use onboard AC97 sound card users in the Control Panel's "Sound Manager 鈫?Equalizer" tab, check the "open", will all have drag the scroll bar to the top, and click the "loading" button. Sound card for other users, please make a similar adjustment in the appropriate location.

4. If the play is a DVDrip, of the control panel "AC3 Filter" of the "Master" tab in the "default" is set to "Loud", the "Mix" tab "Options" uncheck column "Automatic Gain Control" in the "gain" column in the "master volume" drag the scroll bar to the top (where the value of "20"), or fill out a higher value, such as 40, shown in Figure 1 , you will find the volume became larger.

Figure 1

5. Increase the volume of MP3. We can use a software called MP3Gain to set the MP3 volume, after the first run the software, click the "Add Files" button to increase the volume of MP3 will be added to the software list, followed by the "object 鈫?standard / maximum" volume column value is set too large a number (default is 89.0dB, recommends no more than 100dB), and finally click "Track Gain" button. MP3Gain Download address:

Editor Note: The software can also be applied to the output volume to some of the MP3 as the default volume adjustment is recommended that you first MP3 is added to the software list, then select "Change Gain 鈫?Application of the maximum gain without cutting into each file" to increase their volume. In addition, note that the increased volume means that you may lose some sound quality, please use caution.

6. To try other programs, such as install the latest version of the sound card drivers, use the more sensitive headphones, the use of active speakers.


鈼?I just music

We usually listened to the CD, MP3 while using the computer to do other work, so that the sound generated by other programs and music mixed with the voices of people sick of, and sometimes we may have to adjust to the sound of music the most, but the sound or small, and only adjust speaker volume, but increase the speaker volume if letting the voices of other programs have become so large that scary. How to sound just so wonderful songs from the speaker of the speaker, slowly out of it? We can use Foobar 2000 to solve the problem.

Foobar first select "Foobar2000 鈫?Preferences" menu, switch to the "Output" tab, the "output mode" is set to "Kernel Streaming", shown in Figure 2, confirmed in open systems volume control components, will be " wave "(waveout) is set to mute a can.

Figure 2

Editor Note: If you can not find in the set "Kernel Streaming" a show that is missing from your Foobar 2000 "foo_out_ks.dll" support, please go to Foobar 2000 machines installed in the copy the file to the installation directory of your Foobar 2000 under the "components" folder, you can also install the latest Foobar 2000 finished enhanced version of its download address is: & ; pn = 0 &. html.

鈼?adjust the volume using hotkeys

Sometimes, while we listen to songs while playing games, not convenient to switch out to adjust the volume, this time on how to do? In fact, we can make use of a small software called VolumeKey, it can assign hot keys to volume control components, so that we can at any time through the keyboard to control the volume size. If you use Foobar songs, it is more convenient: Foobar the default use of "+" and "-" shortcut keys to control the volume increases and decreases, while if you listen to songs while playing the game, inconvenient to switch out, then You can "parameter set to" switch to the "core 鈫?Shortcut" tab, check the "Global Hotkey", so that you can always use the "Alt + +" and "Alt + -" to control the volume.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What rod dealer outlets

Commodity wholesale market in the second and third line cities, there are still a lot of light pole distributor, the boss (or my wife) and business support propped facade, the main business over the main door, the general also carry one or two manufacturers of the products distribution, or as a local subsidiary of a large dealer distribution, rather single product line, because the sale of small, but also reluctant to hire only their own press, boss, procurement, distribution, sales, and other rolled. the main face is a home purchase in retail stores and retail consumers. sometimes point units also cater to small Group buy.

Rod dealer is a dealer groups in the original state and initial conditions, now is the big dealers had come over from this stage, from the light pole to double pole, double pole from pole to more ~~~~~ . However, as market competition becomes more incentive, from the smooth growth of this shift rod dealer become a major distributor also increased the probability of low, and most of the light pole dealer could not shake off such a situation a small grocery wholesaler . just as a distribution channel in a small role.

Not to mention the future growth and development, on the current living conditions, the rod also has too many dealers are not easy and difficult because of limited strength, light pole dealers often failed to attract the attention of manufacturers, we fall popular products, not enough time to grasp the information easily spiral into a price war, poor profitability, weak anti-attack capability, more often studied under the subsidiary in the large-scale distributors, purely as a porter and so on. Small sale only.

I just started doing dealer, the dealer had a light pole (with his wife did not really light bar), drinks in hand only to a manufacturer's local dealership. A dozen product lines, but only with the manufacturers to sign the annual contract sales to only 30 million, this small small small profit. However, the difficult environment to exercise were also small and the games are played, as long as willing to mindless, money-making opportunities are still more than two years of light pole distribution business career down, I also got some from research and dealers rod road to survival and development, in this essays out for your reference.

1. Clean the store house.

Whether manufacturers also visit customers the impression that the door is very important at first glance, most optical levers wholesale store housekeeping is flattered. How is a random Zile. I was doing when the dealer, colleagues around the store next door housekeeping conditions are similar, stained office chairs, dirty and chaos on the ground, graffiti wall, ceiling, there are spiders in the family, and my neighbors feel indifferent.

My store is very clean and organize every day when not busy, I took a cloth to keep the rub everywhere, shop, small but neat product samples on the shelf, manufacturers of goods posters Zhang specification, store inventory partition stacked. each cargo volume of the heap are posted out of water, clean office desktop, with a business license, tax registration certificate, what are neatly hung on the walls, combined document holder in a variety of paper documents disaggregated put away, the door to others after the refreshing. flew feel good, it is very important, I had already by this neat house, attracted a number of manufacturers of business, many new products for distribution rights, in fact, the door store clean and service the whole point, not any number of input costs, as long as their more diligent point on the line. working with people at least have to get themselves clean, the whole point of it. This is another small business, there must be a sense of image, ah,

2. Use of part-time staff

Sale of small, he often overwhelmed, but they could not afford to hire and, again, instability in business, bidding and fixed operations personnel uneconomical, the author is a part-time staff by recruiting personnel solutions to the problem, I account for the I want the type of employees, working hours, conditions of use of basic quality requirements, etc., and then in schools, nearby communities recruit part-time staff to address the relevant delivery, store sales, shipping and so on into the evening. pay all quantitative assessment, the number of dry count how many, to avoid waste, now laid-off workers and more job and more of yes, and, odd jobs for people who like to play more, such as students Help students Haiyouxuduo own Ju's delivery Siji. to deploy properly, the basic Bu Yong Qing full-time employees.

3. Follow the small but excellent portfolio of products.

Shorter product line, the more choices in products and work hard, since the goods can not rely on large stores to attract more visitors, it must rely on exotic products to attract new business, and strengthen the attractiveness of the product itself, and there are two considerations, the first home purchase as much as possible to attract customers because of delivery costs are high, too much for me, and some products I just great dealer the following distributors have regional restrictions, I can not deliver. more The key is that the Chinese people have a psychological, not a good thing to send home. their own initiative to get the door is a good thing. altogether, I meet their psychological well-organized, allowing them to pick their own home. And then pull back his joy. Province me a freight money.

4. For large distributors to force out the management.

Respond positively to the requirements of large distributors, with emphasis on surface and conform to assist in the dealer market management. Have a number of large distributors following the second installment of providers and distributors, almost all of the major distributors have to The second issue of the management business had a headache, after all, batches providers are arbitrary and not subject to the unified arrangement of changing commodity and the price system is the destruction of the leader, often a lot of trouble bringing more trouble to give large distributors, large Dealers from the starting point of the overall management is very willing to take some batches of proactive management to meet the obedience of a large distributor who, as the strength of the weak rod dealer Shangqie can to try to follow in the initial stages of a large dealer The management of the best possible use of these large distributors of power, of course, large distributors are generally given to these particular batches of some specific policy to take care of business. This is a not a small income.

5. Everyone loves a bargain

In addition to their main products, also increase the more distinctive and attractive popular goods. In the market, if more leave eye-collection almost every day, there are manufacturers or distributors Paohuo information, such as clearance goods. Weihuo. Dizhang goods, etc., if only to sell their homes, both sales and popularity is difficult to ensure Moreover, many large dealers have no such points of mind to deal with these Paohuo. rod dealer can take the initiative to collect this information, choose some special goods for the store to focus pull their sales at low prices as the main selling point, after all, everyone loves the little cheap accounted for many consumers to the wholesale market is to find bargains, focus on sales of these specials, which can effectively attract retail consumers, in addition to making some profits, but also enhance the store's popularity, the formation of long-term stable source, and to help manufacturers and distributors deal with discount and clearance goods, sale negotiated settlement easier, increase their cash flow capacity.

6. Wholesale and retail combined

Rod dealers should consider opening its own Direct terminal to their commodity-based shop, directly to consumers, in particular, the focus of such communities and schools to consider the frequency of the high consumption areas, to enhance the cash flow rod dealer , while a better understanding of the terminal, the formation of their wholesale business to some extent complementary, and can also consider cooperation in other terminals, the form of shares of goods carriers.

This big dealers are not born, are also up from a little to do, but also have experienced rod dealer this stage, in fact, this business started down the size is not important, the key in the management and operation to promote sustained growth and development, carefully observed and studied, to keep warm, creative work, minimize the use of homogenization of the operation and management ideas. to become a major distributor as soon as possible.

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Learning organization's five state

State 1: the concept of organization-wide circulation, mutual recognition

LO LO structures of practical work like building blocks of the process. In LO, through storytelling style, improvisation, informal dialogue, making method, and working to implement a common development. LO provides a realistic scenario, including the cognitive domain, mental and emotional areas. In the LO in: business culture should be public, to solidarity and social order features; cross-sectoral team work, innovation and sharing barriers disappear; "hypertext" structure supporting the flow of ideas between communities of practice, mutual understanding and cooperation, stimulate innovation and multi-party mutual understanding, not pundits be dictated to.

State 2: the collective change and continuous self-improvement

In LO, the common goal of a two-way cycle of collective organizational learning (eg, organizations in the market position, organizational structure, business process changes or work experience) and employees linked to changes in learning together. LO promote staff development, therefore, and the staff continued to grow into their own development. Similarly, collective and personal growth or the relationship between the one-way loop learning is also true. As the LO output growth with the same expectations of outside shareholders, staff capacity and performance have gradually improved.

Realm 3: around every corner of the study leadership, innovation and mutual help atmosphere

LO leadership is reflected in all levels, for example, to develop strategies to expose and change the leadership of the inherent assumptions and mental models. Positions at all levels of management and supervision of leaders to create an atmosphere conducive to sharing of testing and experience, and to become a lecturer, trainer, co-learners and role models.

State 4: to encourage a free dialogue of multiple perspectives

In LO, the scope of the dialogue can be self-contemplation in the depth of questions can also be a "Corridor Conference" ("Corridor" means without regard to seniority and superior-subordinate relationship, sharing useful knowledge, experience and observations, and ideas ). LO receive multiple concepts, through dialogue and debate to find creative ways to solve problems, not just to endure the program. Members can criticize policy without fear of reprisal. If the formation of shared mental models, everything will seem very natural, not imposed.

State 5: changing the professional contract

Psychological contract refers to the individual and collective level, on the trading relationship between employee and employer expectations and obligations of duty. On the individual, the psychological contract is a person of his or her transactions with others in terms of the trust relationship. The collective level, the psychological contract on behalf of the standard employment relations, from the mid-eighties of last century, this standard emphasizes usability, tools, and through "free agency" conversion transaction, rather than security, continuity, loyalty and dependency. LO seek to establish long-term relationship or "varied" career contract as a third way to choose to support the continued personal growth and capacity building, and employees to consider the affordability of flexibility and adaptability.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Establish OSPF adjacency relationships in

OSPF routing protocol through the establishment of interactions to exchange routing information, but not all neighboring OSPF routers will establish interactive relationships. OSPF adjacency will be established following a brief overview of the process.

OSPF protocol packets through the Hello protocol to establish and maintain neighbor relationships, but also use it to ensure two-way communication between adjacent routers. OSPF routers periodically send Hello packets, when the router see themselves listed in the data package of other router Hello, this will be established between the two routers, two-way communication. In the multi-access environment, Hello packets are also used to find the designated router DR, DR to control through the establishment of interactions with which the router.

OSPF routers establish two-way communication which is the second step after the database synchronization, database synchronization is all the link state routing protocols most common. In OSPF routing protocols, database synchronization relationship only in the establishment of interactions between the routers.

OSPF database synchronization database described by OSPF packet (DatabaseDescriptionPackets) carried out. OSPF routers periodically generate a database description packet, the packet is ordered, that comes with serial number, and the data packet to the neighboring router broadcasts. Adjacent router database can describe the serial number of packets of data with its own database for comparison, if it receives more data than data from the serial number database large, the neighboring router, the serial number will be larger for the data request, the data obtained with a request to update its link state database.

We can next to the router from the OSPF Hello packet sent to establish a full database synchronization to establish the process of OSPF interactions into several different states, namely:

Down: This is a reciprocal relationship between OSPF initialization state, said that within a certain time is not received from a neighboring router, the information is sent. In the non-broadcast network environment, OSPF router may also send in a Down state router Hello packets.

Attempt: This state only in NBMA environment, such as Frame Relay, X.25 or ATM environment, effectively, that is not received within a certain time to a neighboring routers, but OSPF routers still must pass to a lower frequency to the adjacent router sends Hello packets to keep in touch.

Init: in the state, OSPF router has received neighboring router's Hello packet is sent, but its own IP address does not appear in the Hello packet, the means of both two-way communication has not been established.

2-Way: This state can be said to begin to establish a real step interactively. In this state, the router that the router itself is already in neighboring Hello packets, the two-way communication has been established. Designated router and backup designated router selection is done in this state. In this state, OSPF routers can be one of routers according to whether the designated router or point to point according to the link or virtual link is to decide whether to establish interactive relationships.

Exstart: This state is the establishment of the first step interactive state. In this state, the router for data exchange to determine the initial database description packet sequence number to ensure that routers always get the latest link state information. Meanwhile, in this state the router must also decide between the standby router, the relationship between the status of the router at the master is back up to the status of the router link state information request.

Exchange: In this state, the router sends to the neighboring OSPF routers exchange database description packets to the link state information, each packet has a packet sequence number. In this state, the router may also send a link to the neighboring router state request packets to request the corresponding data. From this state, we say that state of OSPF in the Flood.

Loading: In the loading state, OSPF routers will find the neighboring routers of its new link state data and the data itself has expired request to the neighboring router, and wait for the answer to the adjacent router.

Full: This is a relationship between two OSPF routers to establish the final state interaction, in time, establish interactive relationships between the router database synchronization has completed the work, they have the same link state database.

Inter-Domain Routing

The previous section describes the OSPF routing protocol in a single area calculation. In a single area OSPF, OSPF routing protocol will not generate more routing information. For the rest of the region's OSPF router communication, the region's border router will have some other information on area radio, the additional information described in the same AS in the other regions of the routing information. Specific routing information exchange process is as follows:

The definition in the OSPF, all areas must be linked with regional 0, so each area must have a 0 area border routers associated with the region, this will be the area border routers to link the internal structure of the data by region SummaryLink broadcasting to the region 0, which is broadcast to all other regions of the border router. At this point, and the border area 0 routers associated with area 0 and all other regions of the link state information through the information, these border routers can calculate the route to the appropriate destination, and the routing information broadcast to to link the region with a view to enable the routers within the region and outside of the region to find the best route to communicate.

AS external routes

Autonomous domain border router, AS, AS external routing information will be broadcast to the entire AS in addition to all areas of residual domain. In order for these AS external routing information into effect, AS all the routers within (except residues within the router) must know the location of AS border router, the routing information from non-residue domain within the regional boundary router broadcasts its chain Road type broadcast packet type 4.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 will be formally included F #

In 2007, Microsoft revealed that F # will become sometime in the future. NET platform, first-class language. Now, it finally announced that F # will be included in Visual Studio 2010 in.

F # - Microsoft to support the first major of the functional language, its based on OCaml. Ocaml selected part of the reason is that it supports functional, imperative and object-oriented programming style mix. Although the F # and OCaml is the place to attract people to functional programming, but also other important aspects that they can use. NET Framework features.

Now, F # has not been considered as. NET 4.0 features. But rather as more like the J # distribution package as an independent release. This allows Microsoft to F # in Mono and runs on CLR 2.0 platform support.

With another the same spirit of the new Microsoft language, F # compiler and tools at Microsoft Public License (Microsoft Public License) open source under. This license agreement is all Microsoft licensing agreements the most liberal one, Basically you just keep on copyright and not to sue, then you can do anything you want.

In Visual Studio in, F # does not tend to be alone. Although Microsoft is encouraging developers to use F # to build the core of the application, but they still recommended presentation layer VB and C #. Don Syme went on to explain:

Our concern is that the F # release a high-quality core tools, Visual Studio can enhance the strength, make them a rich interface development capabilities of object-oriented programming environment. Result, we made a clear decision, in this release or use of C # and Visual Basic's powerful ability to present the interface and as a designer with good support for programming languages. This means that, F # users will be using Visual Studio design tools to generate C # or Visual Basic code, and put these components into their applications in F #.

Although beyond the OCaml F # based functionality, but it did not completely abandon them. Through the use of F # Power Pack components, developers will still be able to write the F # compiler for the OCaml code. This requires the use of a limited subset of the language, although tools can be expected to inform the developer which is only applicable to F # code, but people still feel a lot of restrictions.

Don Syme Summary:

F # is Microsoft Research, Cambridge, and Microsoft's joint development at the senior development projects. I am very pleased to participate as a language architect, and I will always remain in Microsoft Research. Our strong team, including from Cambridge, Redmond, Vancouver and the Chinese people, some team members also work in Germany and New York. I have been to these and a project I worked on the same people and they are impressed by the talent show, and I hope that this project at Microsoft to become a leading example of innovative development.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wang Quanguo: to "King Kong" solid as a rock

Qiu Bojun and the legend of WPS, Lei Jun passion blood, "Swordsman Food of Love" in another way, the company listed overseas fame, is Kingsoft two decades in the signs of the development. Started as a software, technology Liye the IT companies, its own information technology are not as many people to pay attention. But the recent "King Kong" (Kingsoft ERP system code) of the start and allows the construction of Jinshan software IT process frequently in the media prior to exposure of correspondents has Yuefang the Kingsoft vice president and CIO Wang Quanguo, as the company information The "Master", Jinshan Wang Quanguo opened for us the mystery of the deployment of information technology.

Information is the promoter of development

Wang Quanguo interview journalists in Beijing Jinshan's "Write Your" meeting rooms, the conference room wall posters of Mao Zedong's famous words as "Mao Zedong's poem Spring Snow." Poem writing against the background of the Shaanxi-Gansu Central Red Army had just arrived to build their own base, faced with external aggression and internal KMT encirclement Japanese double crisis. Jinshan Select poem as a VIP meeting room name, must have had its meaning. Jinshan is for, and have a strong opponent of this threat to Microsoft, there are a number of internal pursuit of domestic software companies, coupled with an endless stream of pirated software, so that is always at the internal and external problems among Jinshan. The face of these, Wang Quanguo seem very calm and quiet: "Fortunately, Jinshan along the way, the harvest is also worthy of pay. And Jinshan many times during the development of critical turning point, solidarity with the information."

Wang Quanguo an example: "Since 2003, Golden began to transition to Internet business, will own WPS, drug tyrants and other software products sold via the Internet the way to overseas, and after all the upgrades and fully rely on the Internet. If this period is not an information system to support product running on the Internet, we propose a model of Internet marketing can not shape. "This business only from the initial support prepaid card, and now mobile phone subscriptions, bank card payment, the first three payment platform operating business model, mature and perfect them. Naturally, this can also understand why the beginning of 2007, the company invested nearly 100 million yuan effort to create the online game business and enterprise information platform.

In Wang Quanguo view, information in the company's broad range of applications, because "itself is everywhere need it a computer company." In Jinshan, each at least one computer, on to the managers, down to the warehouse are the same. Therefore, whether business or management, are related to information content. And how the information platform on re-built, so that all sectors of the business uniform, so that information Jinshan rocket-propelled spaceship, in fact, Wang Quanguo already know, because after two years of effort he and his subordinates, the new ERP system, "King Kong" was formally launched.

"King Kong" three-step

August 29, 2008, named "King Kong" Jinshan formally launched the ERP system. The Gold Mountain to the new system named "King Kong" also shows the beginning determined to build a rock solid commitment to enterprise information systems. When talking about effects, Wang Quanguo confidently said: "Gold Mountain ERP project on-line a few months, the company of people, financial, and material management process efficiency increases, Jinshan second quarter financial data is from the new on-line the ERP system. "

Selection from the start of the project in early 2007 to "King Kong" formally launched, Jinshan two years experienced in this difficult process of selection and implementation. When all are concerned about the new system on line Jinshan time, few people noticed 43-year-old Wang Quanguo temples of white hair. "Selection During that time, when I go to bed thinking about the choice in which company's ERP system." Wang Quanguo behind somewhat humorous answer, but it is, and team members spent numerous sleepless nights.

According to reports, three phases in Jinshan ERP. First, find out the real situation. Self-examination within the enterprise, and found the large and small, even up to more than 100 types of systems. "Companies in all sectors have their own system, or even a good relationship with several colleagues set up their own system"; Second, understanding of peers. The emerging new concept of IT industry, select the ERP is not nothing new. Jinshan to the ERP system has been accompanied by visits from the actual demand, began to choose their own ERP system; Finally, the company's decision-making. Taking into account the future needs of Jinshan's development and growth of the ERP system as an excellent business management support, the company finally decided to cooperate with SAP, which is the first time in internet business. At present, most Internet companies can only achieve financial ERP data integration, and Gold Mountain is the first to corporate finance, human resources, supply chain sector demand into account, to achieve system integration of Internet companies.

Innovation has always insisted Jinshan has chosen SAP's ERP system, this issue appears to be contrary to the principle of Jinshan, Wang Quanguo do not think so. "Gold Mountain To develop and grow, vision can not be confined to domestic and selected foreign ERP system is to give Jinshan's management with international standards, which does not contradict our independent research and development products." Remarks also revealed the Jinshan large beachhead in the future ambitions of the foreign market.

This ambition is not without the possibility of realization, while the on-line ERP is a solid basis for the original company Kingsoft solve existing problems. First, strengthening the foundation for management, simplifying the company's processes, the production process reduced from 100 to 60; Second, the standard operation of the company's various departments, the company Zhongyao data yield a security; Finally, among the various departments system to achieve a unified and orderly convergence as a whole and enhance the company's production efficiency. When summing up the results achieved, Wang Quanguo succinctly summarized: the implementation of tangible results, apply, with the good.

Management "martial arts master" has know-how

In ancient Chinese martial arts, the Shaolin martial arts master has a large, all equipped with special skills, as the abbot of Shaolin martial arts masters to manage the not easy to do. In Jinshan, Wang Quanguo on the play "abbot" role. The company employs more than 1,300, more than 60% people are engaged in R & D related work, can say that most people are R & D, "martial arts master," how to manage these martial arts, strong personality, "master" mean ?

Programmer origin Wang Quanguo very clear that these "martial arts master," where personality, but also know that if the "masters" who do not do the right personality to guide, may give the company information technology to bring the resistance. But management, he has his own set.

First Strict process. Developers used to "develop their own use", but this approach may easily lead to the development other than those of other men in addition to use of the system difficult to understand methods and functions, therefore, Jinshan requires developers who have the necessary Jiaoliu form a unified application development norms, in accordance requirements for development and operation and maintenance action, the collective wisdom to solve problems; addition is the clear responsibility for the development of many personnel division of tasks, in case of problems, it is easy to find those responsible; In addition, discussions also Tongguo colleagues in relevant departments will be brought together, the recent summary of the problems discovered, the best way to find a solution.

In the ERP system implementation process, Wang Quanguo that "technology and features as important as" the implementation of the idea. Technically, there is a special consultant on staff training, their professional staff to quickly learn new systems; and functional, the company IT department set up a dedicated maintenance team, moment of the system maintenance, to ensure the new system worked well in the implementation process.

CIO other as "tasteless"

In traditional enterprises, IT departments and CIO of treatment I get is not so optimistic. A U.S. research institution in the 450 non-IT business managers survey found that, based on a significance in setting strategic business level sorting, the eight senior executive positions, IT Fuze Jin Human Resources leader who people listed in the last second bit, the domestic CIO position more awkward. In Jinshan, Wang Quanguo addition to serving as CIO, but also oversees the company's supply chain management, business development decision-making, is one of the company's core leadership, this has provided a good CIO peer reference.

"Information technology can contribute to the development of the traditional corporate business, this part of the investment is necessary, therefore to establish the CIO's leadership and authority." On the issue of traditional enterprise CIO, the Wang Quanguo profound understanding said: "The traditional enterprise information construction reaches a certain height, CIO's responsibilities will shift accordingly, so the CIO is concerned, to strengthen its overall competitiveness is the key. CIO must be Jizhi IT will manage and understand complex business people, need to have comprehensive knowledge of the framework, good at learning, diligent practice. so as to lead the IT department to help companies create value, there could not be considered ' chicken ribs' of. "


End of the interview, Wang Quanguo got up and hurried to another meeting room. ERP selection and formally launched in Jinshan these two years, he and his team paid a lot of hard; and the on-line ERP is only a beginning, to meet his future will be more busy and more challenges.

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